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Z Uniontown do Polski

       We were hosting them at the end of May and beginning of June. They came from the USA to show their play in the country of Irena Sendler. They had grown up since the time of the previous visit. "Life in a Jar" grew too: from barely ten minutes to over forty minutes. This was the result of their talks with the heroine of the play, the reaction of audiences in the USA (they gave 170 performances there), and greater knowledge about the Holocaust.
They started with the visit to Mrs. Sendler.

       May 31, 2005
       We persuaded Gazeta Wyborcza to let the group perform in their office for the inhabitants of Warsaw, especially for the pupils from the other schools that have documented stories about the time of Shoah. Tears flowed freely.

       The Center for Citizen Education presents pupils who take part in a project initiated jointly with our Association. This is Gimnazjum 23 in the Praga district of Warsaw. They, too, wrote a play based on themes from Irena Sendler's life. They show a program about the culture of Polish Jews.

       Their colleagues from Gimnazjum 94 wrote down the story of one "Righteous" person and a girl she saved. Similarly, pupils from Gimnazjum 44 from Lodz and Liceum IV in Warsaw also wrote stories.

       Norman Conard - the guardian and the good genius of the group from Uniontown - is blissful: but this is a whole movement!

       June 1
The Jewish Theatre is overflowing. Such crowds haven't been seen here for a long time. There are young people, many young people; gray-haired "Children of the Holocaust"; and "The Righteous among the Nations". Director Szymon Szurmiej welcomes us all. "Our" Bieta Ficowska tells the story of Norman Conard's group. She announces that this year's annual Children's Day (June 1) is, by decree of the mayor of Warsaw, in honor of Irena Sendler.

       Golda Tencer movingly sings the poem by Wladyslaw Broniewski about red-haired Ryfka and a little town in which there is not a living soul left.
The performance -

fot. Wiktor Osiecki

       In the lobby the audience make comments, ask questions of the young actors, and offer their congratulations.
In the crowd we can see pupils who took part in this year's observance of the "Day of the Holocaust" in Poland.

       June 3

       Zakopane, XIII Congress of the Association "Children of the Holocaust" in Poland.

       The last performance is for those, who - thanks to "The Righteous" like Irena Sendler, survived the extermination. How is it that those who have been through hell have tears in their eyes? But look at Norman Conard. He has seen it hundreds of times. And his eyes are wet.

       June 4
       An excursion to Krakow. Earlier, in Warsaw, they made a visit to the Museum of the Warsaw Uprising and an exhibition in the Jewish Historical Institute.

And the time came for their departure to USA.
Will the text of their play change again?

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